Pokemon Go trainers want Halloween feature to return for Christmas event

Pokemon Go trainers have taken to Twitter to share their interest in having another holiday-themed map after Niantic introduced a fall theme for Halloween.

Pokemon Go’s Halloween event is taking place in the game, and alongside it is an entirely new theme for the in-game map.

Complete with orange hues and Pumpkin filled PokeStops, fans around the world quickly fell in love with the update, taking to the Pokemon Go subreddit to share their thoughts.

Now, a trainer has taken to Twitter to share their interest in another map theme for the upcoming winter holiday.

Pokemon Go trainers want Christmas-themed map

Shortly after the Halloween event started, Twitter user DodgyDragonite posted a tweet thanking Niantic for the Halloween map and posted a screenshot showing what they’d like to see for the upcoming Christmas event.

The picture shows wreaths around Pokestops, light posts, and snow on the ground as well as a special Santa-Esque avatar outfit.

Thank you for the beautiful Halloween map ? @NianticLabsNow we really NEED one like this for Christmas, pleeease ??#PokemonGO @PokemonGoApp

— dodgy ? (@DodgyDragonite) October 20, 2022

Quickly gaining over 5,000 likes in the days after posting the concept, fellow PoGo players shared their thoughts in the replies.

One user replied: “Wow that looks real. And great. I hope they take notice.”

“Yes please this looks awesome!” another said.

However, quite a few people argued that it would look weird for trainers in areas where it never snows. Dodgy mentioned that they are in an area where it hardly snows, but would still love to see the in-game theme.

“How would this work for the southern hemisphere though?” someone tweeted.

“I’m in the northern hemisphere and it hardly ever snows here but I would love to see this in-game for a couple of weeks,” Dodgy replied.

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