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Polaris Esports Complains Their Players Getting ‘Stolen’

Polaris Esports disbanded their Dota roster and reported about getting their players being ‘stolen’ by big companies from the time their DPC run.

As a tiny company, Polaris quickly learned the issue of contending contrary to the “big” companies. Their roster, although shining, had been quickly released using their players making the group just after the 2022 DPC.

Polaris reported that their players had been ‘stolen’ by the top company. Additionally they resent the fact they can not do just about anything to avoid it.

The statement was seen on the official Twitter account. These were announcing that, with huge heart, the players of these group had been “mutually isolating” through the group.

Although they want the very best because of their previous players, a far more in-depth look could be read from their Facebook post.

Polaris went deeper using their statement in the Twitter post which had a larger protection. They made a complaint on how the business cannot get toe to toe with all the economic abilities of bigger, founded companies.

As such, their players were certainly getting provides that have been “out of reach”, and also had them attempting to try various surroundings. Consequently, Polaris managed to get clear which they had been ready to function methods along with their players because of these facts.

However, these were maybe not discounting the fact they might nevertheless stick within the Dota scene. These were still “observing” players and talents with prospective, and seeking to start their journey once more within the DPC.

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