Prosecutors claims man had "Agent 47 Hitman fantasy" amid murder test in britain

A guy in britain is on test for the so-called murder of their housemate which prosecutors claim might have been inspired by a “bizarre dream” to be Agent 47 through the Hitman games. 

A murder had been recently committed in Botley, Oxfordshire in britain with Eugene Coman now accused of killing their flatmate. Nevertheless, it does not may actually happen simply a typical murder, as prosecutors claim the person had been either acting away an “Agent 47 Hitman Fantasy” or had been driven by “good old fashioned intimate jealousy.”

Coman is accused of stabbing their flatmate, Leonid Laboshin, within the home of these provided house. He confessed to committing the criminal activity, but advertised he had been perhaps not carrying it out in their right head. Admitting manslaughter due to diminished obligation. 

As reported by the Oxford Mail, a murder test started during the Oxford Crown Court on February 28, with prosecutor Charles Ward-Jackson presiding throughout the situation. He stated, “the prosecution claims you will find actually two contending motives for the killing.

“One is really what one might phone good old sexual envy; the reason for numerous killings since Helen of Troy with no question before that.” The target, Laboshin, had presumably been courting another housemate of theirs whom he had been thinking about. 

Or an extra feasible inspiration, based on the prosecutor, had been Coman’s “bizarre fantasy” around Agent 47, the titular character associated with the Hitman franchise. 

Leonid LaboshinA selfie associated with the target, Leonid Laboshin

The jury had been told that Coman had made lots of internet queries concerning the ruthless assassin before the occasion. The afternoon prior to the so-called murder, he apparently convinced their cousin to shave their locks, apparently as to resemble Agent 47. 

When the murder had been committed on October 17 2022, he had been using a black suit, white top, and connect as he had been arrested. This is the trademark costume for the agreement killer. The prosecutor described it as a “rather uncommon ensemble for killing.”

Mr. Ward-Jackson continued, “There is proof regarding the defendant’s computer that he admired and desired to emulate this instead unsuitable part model.”

This is perhaps not Coman’s very first example of physical violence that the jury had been told of. Annually . 5 prior to the killing, he had allegedly pistol-whipped home supervisor who was simply chasing him for unpaid lease. 

Coman denies the murder fee, as well as the test continues. 

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