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Qojqva Feuds with Febby After Disastrous Run with Arkosh

Qojqva seemingly have a feud together with other Arkosh 2.0 user, Febby, after their disastrous run in DPC 2023 NA Closed Qualifier.

After Arkosh’s disastrous run within the DPC 2023 NA Closed Qualifier, fans started to aim hands. Some felt that many of this players didn’t simply take the qualifier really. There have been additionally views that the players by themselves are not appropriate the expert scene anymore.

However, Qojqva had other some ideas about their eradication and started by pointing away Febby’s addition to the team.

While streaming, Qojqva started telling a tale about their time with Arkosh 2.0 and its own downfall.

“do you know what the real tale is? Whenever Slacks explained exactly what the group had been, we asked Slacks, why perhaps not Grubby 5?” Qojqva began their passive-aggressive assaults on Febby.

“I legit asked him because we don’t really discover how good Febby is, or like, i did son’t actually understand whom he had been. I’m perhaps not causeing the up.”

Qojqva started to concern Febby’s addition as soon as Slacks told him associated with the team’s structure within the call. He also offered an alternative solution of experiencing a famous streamer with a rank of Legend as Febby’s replacement regarding the team.

However, Qojqva offered their argument that Grubby had been ‘seriously learning’ the overall game, in which he could be in a position to ‘tell him how to handle it’. He additionally felt that Febby no more gets the passion for Dota, as whenever he tunes to Febby’s flow, other games could be played.

Fans’ responses had been less forgiving towards Qojqva’s dismissive mindset against Febby. They felt Qojqva had been misdirecting their anger toward the help player.

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