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Qojqva: trousers Not satisfied with Arkosh

Qojqva unveiled exactly how Slacks was totally unhappy together with Arkosh’s environment and mindset in their Closed Qualifier run.

Slacks is often an upstanding professional regarding their persona, which is mirrored in their unhappiness towards Arkosh. Since he owned the group, Arkosh at the very least surely could effectively be eligible for the DPC and present entertaining matches and Dota.

However, Qojqva unveiled exactly how Slacks was ‘disappointed’ with Arkosh 2.0 mindset through the DPC 2023 NA Closed Qualifier.

Qojqva in the beginning answered a question about their future in Arkosh 2.0, since there would be next period also. In The Beginning, the German streamer appeared to reluctantly answer fully the question.

“I had a talk with Slacks, and… yeah. Possibly we’ll make something take place, time will tell.”

The ex-Liquid player then unveiled exactly how Slacks was totally ‘unhappy’ with Arkosh 2.0 performance, and furthermore, the environment associated with the group it self. Since their concern would be to amuse, the group ended up being inferred to show toxic habits instead.

“Slacks wasn’t pleased with a number of the items that went down.”

Although Qojqva refrained from revealing further in regards to the ‘things that took place,’ fans quickly deducted their terms. They have the Arkosh 2.0 roster failed to have a similar wavelength or chemistry with one another.

Therefore, they hoped the following iteration of Arkosh could bring players that could at the very least respect each other.

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