Rainbow Six Siege leakages reveal possible punishment system for console M&K players

A set of Rainbow Six Siege leakages show off a potential punishment system for players which are making use of Mouse and Keyboard on the systems.

Parity is very important in a game title like Rainbow Six Siege, and placing players on an even playing field is vital to your game’s design. While Mouse and Keyboard could be the favored input associated with the Computer community, the console form of the overall game will probably be played on a controller.

Both Xbox and Playstation support M&K usage though, therefore through the entire game’s long history, some players decided to pile the deck within their benefit and make use of the ultra-precise goal of a mouse to have a plus within the competition.

If these present 12 months 8 leakages should be thought, then Ubisoft could finally be placing a finish to the behavior.

Rainbow Six Siege’s possible system Mouse & Keyboard punishment system unveiled

In a screengrab associated with the so-called drip, the written text describing how it functions is prominently presented.

“On systems, mouse and keyboard players now have a penalty that adds lag for their inputs. Proceeded use escalates the lag over a few matches, increasing fairness by detatching their unjust benefit by simply making it harder to aim and shoot,” the explanation reads.

“Completing matches with a controller slowly decreases the lag back once again to normal. This Particular Feature is going to be checked closely.”

This ensures that the penalty would accumulate as time passes and would just take numerous matches of ‘playing reasonable’ to function down.

Some fans have actually raised issues within the utilization of something similar to this, citing things such as accessibility settings and depriving them of M&K from players whom may possibly not be in a position to afford gaming PCs strong sufficient to operate Siege effortlessly.

These concerns may sooner or later be answered if Ubisoft really implements the device to the game, however for now, fans only will be kept to take a position.

The official Year 8 Reveal goes straight down on Sunday, February 19, along with the vow of “a new era” within the game, there’s the possibility those responses could come at some point.

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