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Ramzes Away From Darkside – To Aid Rebuild Secret?

With Ramzes officially away from Darkside, you will find speculations of him joining Team Secret for a rebuild.

The veteran EEU player’s future have been in concern for many months as a result of ambiguity. There have been rumors of him joining Old G with a few of OG’s users, even though move didn’t materialize.

However, there have been now strong rumors on Ramzes joining Team Secret as they had been rebuilding in Division II.

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His departure from Darkside was revealed by keen eyes on Liquipedia, with regards to formal sources. The guide itself resulted in a voice note from Ramzes, with about a minute timeframe on their future.

From the sound note, Ramzes unveiled their uneasiness towards their future, but hinted an answer with him joining a group following the DPC 2023 Tour I.

“Everything began very good in Darkside, then again went downhill. We don’t understand what lies ahead. Let’s watch for this DPC Tour and significant to close out and think how to handle it next.”

“I’m away from Darkside now, they’ve another competition quickly, it is played without me personally. Don’t understand what’s likely to take place next. I’ll hold back until the significant is finished, and can consider what doing.”

Latest rumors had Ramzes joining Team Secret with Malr1ne following the summary of Lima significant. Nonetheless, there have been no formal responses yet regarding their status on Team Secret’s roster.

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