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Raven Leaves Fnatic for Another ‘Big SEA’ Roster Shakeup

As fans suspected, Fnatic finally confirmed Raven parting methods along with their Dota 2 roster to shake SEA’s roster shakeup.

Ever since their exit through the Global 11, fans of Fnatic was indeed longing for improvements. Using the range free agents up to now within the scene, they hoped Fnatic could snag a couple of better players.

It would appear Fnatic have been finally making their techniques by parting means with Raven, their carry.

Today we bid farewell to our carry @ravendoto. Their agreement with Fnatic ended after TI11 so we mutually consented to function methods, permitting him to explore their choices.

Thank you so we want you good luck, One real Carry. ? ?

— FNATIC (@FNATIC) November 11, 2022

Via their social media marketing, Fnatic stated goodbye for their dependable carry, Raven. They reported the primary reason behind their departure ended up being contractual things. Since both decided to function methods, they circulated the carry’s agreement without the issue.

Now, Fnatic would need to try to find a carry player to restore him, with lots of players being suggested.

Names such as for instance ana and Gabbi had been trashed to be prospective successors of Raven. Nonetheless, doubts lingered about whether ana would be enthusiastic about professional Dota. Also, there are not any clarifications nor notice of release yet for ana from T1.

Moreso for Gabbi, that has been unsuccessful with numerous groups up to now, including T1 right prior to the TI11 Qualifiers.

However, there have been nevertheless fans whom held high hopes for the roster. They thought that Gabbi, if the rumor be proven real with him joining with Armel and Kpii, could reproduce their significant winning run within the past.

The authenticity regarding the rumor stays contested as there isn’t any official news yet concerning the roster.

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