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Redditors Suspect ‘Odds’ Cheating in Knights vs Geek Slate Game at Lima significant

Several Reddit users are making severe accusations against unnamed wagering websites in terms of the Lima Major match between Geek Slate and Knights.

In a post on the state Dota 2 subreddit, user Widepeepo6 reported there is dubious task occurring on Chinese wagering sites throughout the show.

According to your post, throughout the very first game for the show, despite the Knights holding a 5k net worth lead, the betting websites preferred Geek Slate.

During the show match, another Reddit post stated that the Chinese wagering sites had been offering Geek Slate a 1.01 chances benefit, which seemed impossible offered the Knights’ significant lead.

Widepeepo6 also mentioned an identical event that occurred during a DPC game against EHOME and indicated doubts about Valve’s capacity to investigate the problem.

Many had been fast to guide the poster and stated that Valve should research the event.

“Cheating allegation is severe, therefore I think Valve will need their time for you to make certain before they ban the gamer,” one comment penned.

However, other people disagreed utilizing the post.

“It’s been stated like 1000x that the flow has a delay and real time odds never. The battle where they got damaged had currently occurred ahead of the chances changed. They’re just bad,” another Reddit individual penned.

As of writing, the Chinese group sits in the bottom for the standings, having didn’t secure just one triumph into the team phase. Their game rating appears at an abysmal 0-6, in addition they have actually lost all three of these matches in Group B.

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