RTX 4060 laptops drip with a good performance boost within the 3060

In the run-up towards the notices of RTX 40-series laptops, it appears the RTX 4060 laptop computer has now had its performance drip too.

ITHome, a Chinese technology socket, has released the performance metrics for the future RTX 4060 laptop computer chip. As the specifications can change per laptop computer, this is an excellent indicator of what type of performance you may expect.

The RTX 4060 for desktop PCs hasn’t also been established yet, however the laptop computer variation is in complete leaking mode. We’ve already seen it appear in store listings in Romania, that also features the remainder of HP’s upcoming OMEN refresh.

The 4060 is coming


As of at this time, the RTX 4060 within the 3D Mark test can output a rating of 10,050. For contrast, the 3060 laptops tested can output around 8700 into the Time Spy test. While decent, the jump between generations is a huge 20%. This would enable those shopping for a far more budget-friendly video gaming laptop computer to relax and play just about any game without much difficulty at 1080p or 1440p.

According to ITHome, the specifications are sitting at 8GB GDDR6, with a complete energy production of 140W.

Little else is mentioned in regards to the ThunderRobot laptop computer housing the GPU. Though going from the straight back of other laptops we’ve tested within its suspected cost range, you may expect an Intel 13th generation i7 towards the top end.

We do expect you’ll see more from the laptop computer potato chips in 2023, with CES throwing from the year and Nvidia’s announcements also suspected become in regards to the RTX 4070 Ti. As the 4060 possibly won’t be included, it’ll begin to seep into laptops released from February onwards.

We’ll be addressing CES 2023 from afar this year, but make sure to monitor our devoted section, as we’ll be bringing you all of the news through the many major technology show of this 12 months.

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