RTX 4090-melting 12VHPWR power connector to be revised

PCI-SIG, the designer associated with the RTX 4090’s infamously melt-prone 12VHPWR energy connector gets redesigned, but which may maybe not resolve your whole issue.

The saga regarding the RTX 4090‘s melting power adapters is maybe not over yet. The 12VHPWR connector’s designer, PCI-SIG, has shown indications to be updated. These small revisions will now feature an extra gripping function. This is certainly along with more shrouding near the four feeling pins in the 12VHPWR connector.

But, it is most likely that this may maybe not resolve the melting woes that we’ve seen associated with the melting connectors. Corsair’s very own PSU specialist, Jon Gerow has speculated that the problems could lie into the connection it self. On their website, Gerow explores exactly how these connectors can fail.

He showcases a connector, which he broke completely, but still squeezed it not to fail. Gerow then goes further to take a position that incorrect connection associated with the slot it self to both the GPU and PSU. He additionally goes further to convey that any 12VHPWR connector can burn.

Any 12VHPWR cable can melt

The cause for this might be so it’s hard to really seat the connector properly at both ends. He further states that the main reason we have actually seen the included Nvidia adapters the absolute most is it’s the greatest test size. ATX 3.0 PSUs continue to be reasonably hard to find, so we’ve only seen a few them failing.


Due to your trouble of linking it correctly, any users associated with the RTX 4090 might wish to make certain that their cables are seated properly. The 12VHPWR connector is ranked for 30 rounds, but this is actually the identical to the older 8-pin PCIe connector, too. Irrespective, these growing pains could be cause for concern for some.

Meanwhile, Nvidia has remained pretty quiet on all formal lines of interaction, despite Jensen Huang’s stop by at Taiwan.

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