Secretlab Magnus Pro desk review: stunning, but high priced

The Secretlab Magnus Pro video gaming desk could be the company’s very first effort at a feature-packed height adjustable desk — and they’ve knocked it out from the park.

Secretlab unveiled the Magnus back 2021, bringing desks to their top-quality item lineup of video gaming furniture supported by tens of thousands of fans global. Their efforts with video gaming seats have themed collaborations such as for instance Valorant, Overwatch, and much more.

There ended up being one function commonly required through the initial video gaming desk launch, but: height adjustability.

Secretlab replied the demands in August 2022 with all the Magnus professional, their very first effort at a sit-to-stand desk detailed with their infamous cable try and leatherette “magpad” add-ons to deliver an extra experience to gamers.

We’ve had our fingers regarding the Magnus professional for some time and we’re willing to inform you whether or otherwise not it is well worth the huge $799 beginning cost.

Key Specs

  • Size: 59.1″ longer, 27.6″ wide
  • Surface: Steel, Leather with Magpad
  • Body weight: 125lbs
  • Features: metal construction, cable administration tray, height modification, seamless control interface


DexertoWhen combined with the Secretlab monitor mounts, magpad, and cable administration add-ons, the Magnus professional produces a lovely setup.

In usual Secretlab fashion, the Magnus professional reached our home in 2 incredibly well-packed bins with different forms of foam protecting the most truly effective, bottom, edges, and corners of each and every little bit of the desk from delivery harm.

The exact same concentrate on quality is seen within the included toolkit aswell, since the business provides both t-handle and regular-style hex wrenches to assist in construction inside of a convenient packaging that individuals can’t help but tuck into a drawer for safekeeping.

It becomes obvious so it calls for two different people to gather the desk from the comfort of the get-go, as the nearly full-metal construction regarding the Magnus professional offers it a large amount of heft — both bins combined turn out to approximately 125 pounds.

From setting up the feet to screwing regarding the cable administration tray, placing every thing together can be as effortless as cake as a result of Secretlab’s clear-to-understand directions leading the way.

After everything’s assembled you’ll be instructed to reset the inline height controller and you’ll be prepared to rock ‘n roll.

Nearly straight away, we noticed a burning scent from the primary driven leg, but after a recall and fix, it had been up and running fine once again. This is because of our review product being a pre-production model, and really should maybe not impact many users.


Secretlab's magpad surfaceDexertoSecretlab’s MAGPAD desk surface is leather-based, an easy task to clean, and appears amazing.

in regards to to sit-to-stand desks, design is essential. Constantly changing the height means making time for cable management, ensuring your cables are very long enough to allow for the height you’ll be utilizing the desk, etc.

Secretlab has positively knocked it out from the park regarding making cable administration very simple. Beneath the back part regarding the Magnus professional could be the company’s now-infamous cable management tray that’s accessible from the very best part as a result of a hinged address that individuals positively have been in love with.

Making the Magnus professional certainly one of a form, but, could be the energy solution that Secrelab created that individuals think is among the most readily useful elements of the desk. As a result of the capability to connect your energy strip in to the leg for the desk, all that is required to power the motorized feet along with your whole video gaming setup is an individual energy cable attached to the wall surface.

Thanks to your company’s magnetic cable administration sheath while the ‘one cable powers all’ system, we have been positively enthralled realizing that we do not have to be worried about throwing free cables within the desk.

The in-house developed leatherette MAGPAD is a yet-another iconic addition to your Magnus line of desks, providing an easy-to-clean area for your desk that provides interestingly top-quality mouse tracking also. It links to your desk featuring its magnetic backing, so we present in our evaluating so it remains right in spot regardless of how difficult you try to go it around.

We additionally received the MAGRGB add-on, a diffused RGB strip that Secretlab developed with Nanoleaf. It features a number of magnets regarding the straight back, enabling it to snap right onto underneath for the desk inside the cable tray so that it beautifully shines out from the break between your desk area and cable administration address. Added to the MAGRGB is an easy controller that will follow along side it for the desk if you’d like, but we’ve opted to simply get a grip on the lights through the Nanoleaf mobile app.

One thing we did notice about the MAGRGB, but, is the fact that it does not hook to your desk as meant when working with Secretlab’s monitor mount. We’ve discovered that it remains in position for the absolute most component, however it is an easy task to knock loose across the clamp mount for the monitors since it’s not since magnetic as all of those other desk.


Magnus Pro Height controllerDexertoThe Magnus Pro’s touch controller provides three preset choices.

The Secretlab Magnus Pro’s control interface is just one more function that sets it aside from other height-adjustable desks.

Instead of a split package hanging from the base for the desk, Secretlab incorporated the touch-controls in to the side of the desk, detailed with a display, handbook changes, three presets, and an on-off switch.

Not just does the switch switch off the controller’s backlight, but it addittionally works to avoid accidental alterations whenever getting around in your setup.

Our control product was defective whenever we first received the Magnus professional for review, however the business ended up being fast to work well with us to replace the defective component, once again, it was because of it being a pre-production test, in the place of just what you’d frequently be in a retail purchase.

Magnus Pro desk add-ons

Monitor Mounts

Magnus Pro monitor mount dual setupDexertoEven Secretlab’s monitor mount’s include their very own device set.

Built especially for the Magnus line of desks, the clamping mount of Secretlab’s monitor mounts is created with a good amount of approval for the desk’s infamous cable administration tray, and they’re obtainable in both twin and solitary choices.

The mounts aren’t precisely low priced, to arrive at $149 for the solitary and $249 for the twin monitor setup. Both are rated for 34″ monitors with a weight restriction of 17 pounds per supply, that will be not as much as we’d like to see with all the increased appeal of bigger ultra wides.

They’re well-designed and quite simple to setup along with your favorite monitor design. The quick-release VESA mount latches are synthetic, which can worry people that have a heavier monitor.

MAGRGB illumination system

Created together with Nanoleaf, Secretlab’s MAGRGB light strip is beautifully diffused and sits near perfectly beneath the straight back lip of this Magnus professional.

That is unless you’re making use of one of many company’s new monitor mounts, as we’ve discovered it considerably harder to keep consitently the strip connected with all the monitor mount clamped to your desk.

Connecting the strip to your phone is effortless when you install the Nanoleaf software, looked after includes an in-line remote that sticks to your part of one’s desk.

We aspire to see Secretlab and Nanoleaf turn out with an alternative design prior to later on, maybe within the type of shorter strips that may be fit round the add-ons commonly added by streamers and content creators.

Premium Computer mount

With a height-adjustable desk, users either need certainly to purchase much longer cables with regards to their Computer or put it along with the desk. Fortunately, Secretlab has arrived to your rescue with an under-desk mount that holds your personal computer against one of many feet for the desk with simplicity.

We’re absolutely enthralled with the construction, being solid metal with proper cushioning to ensure your high priced rig does not get scratched.

It holds computer systems as much as 33 pounds, is between 14 and 21.5 ins high, and it is 6.7 to 11.8 ins wide.

We had no dilemmas suitable our Corsair 4000D Airflow in the mount, with a good amount of space for one thing larger. It’s positively secure, too, as a result of the fastener.

Should you get it?

The Secretlab Magnus Pro height adjustable desk is, regrettably, hard to completely suggest.

Our biggest problem to date was the different technical difficulties with the desk. As the most of the problems stemmed through the product we received that has been a pre-production type of the last retail item, we could just actually review that which was place in front side of us.

The dilemmas we encountered, combined with its difficult-to-swallow $799 beginning cost and restricted compatibility with non-Secretlab add-ons, lead to a fairly disappointing experience. As a result of level for the cable administration tray regarding the straight back for the desk, clamp-style monitor or microphone mounts are considerably harder to secure.

There’s additionally no space regarding the edges because of framework supports taking on way too much room, making simply the leading left of this desk as a result of height settings regarding the right part. This implies users are forced to position more at the top for the desk, which we’ve discovered runs out of room quickly.

They do offer a 10-inch bigger choice with all the Magnus Pro XL at a $150 cost enhance, but anyone who utilizes the desk daily will probably have a similar problem with operating out of area.

It’s a beautiful, actually well-built selection for users that don’t have a lot of add-ons, but anybody finding a height-adjustable desk also needs to start thinking about choices such as the Flexispot professional Plus since it’s cheaper, more customizable, and more straightforward to install different add-ons on.

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