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Sources: CDL host Velly resigned following altercation at New York Major 4

Details surrounding the surprise resignation of CDL desk host Loviel ‘Velly’ Cardwell on July 22 have come to light, with sources close to Dexerto explaining he resigned following an altercation with other members of the casting talent.

Note: A previous version of this article stated Velly was asked to leave by the Call of Duty League. Velly has since shared further details and confirmed that he resigned of his own volition following the altercation.

News of Velly resigning from the Call of Duty League shocked fans of competitive CoD, with the host establishing himself as a firm favorite on the broadcasting desk across the Vanguard season.

Alongside former pro NAMELESS and analyst Allycxt, Cardwell hosted all of the CDL’s major tournaments this season, including the most recent New York Major 4.

Despite another successful outing, fans were stunned when, on July 22, the CDL confirmed they had accepted his resignation ahead of August’s CDL Championships. Velly responded to say that there was no bad blood between himself and the League.

The reasons for the move were not initially clear, with the community puzzled at the change in broadcasting talent just prior to the year’s most prestigious tournament. Though days after the altercation and Velly has since shared further details on what led to his resignation.

This week we officially accepted Loviel “Velly” Cardwell’s resignation from the Call of Duty League.We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

— Call of Duty League (@CODLeague) July 22, 2022

Velly leaves CDL following New York Major 4 altercation

Sources close to Dexerto revealed that Velly left the company following an altercation with two other members of the broadcast talent in the aftermath of the New York Major, which wrapped up on July 17 and saw LA Thieves crowned champions.

The altercation was said to have taken place while members of the broadcast team were intoxicated during the post-event celebrations. Pro players and other members of the casting team were said to have broken up the situation.

Velly tendered his resignation shortly after the altercation occurred. No member of the broadcast team or players were officially reprimanded by the CDL.

Following publication of this article, New York Subliners player Crimsix, who was present during the incident, said it was “over an argument that went south but not heavily south.”

“Did not see anything physical between the three other than Velly being grabbed by his arms from caster 3 being told to calm down. Things between Velly and this caster escalated over a supposed shove that I didn’t see.

“Caster 3 was doing a horrible job of mediating, yelling at Velly to calm down, and he ended up getting the most pissed off out of everyone involved that night. Threatening Velly on assault charges/ready to fight Velly over a shove. It was to the point where Caster 3 was looking down at Velly. I then stepped in and diffused the situation.”

My witness statement

— NYSL Crimsix (@Crimsix) July 25, 2022

Crimsix concluded, “In my opinion, it was a drunken bar argument that everyone would’ve woken up thinking how ridiculously stupid it was, but apparently not.”

Following the account of Crimsix, Velly went live on his own Twitch channel one day later to reveal further details on the altercation.

“People thought I was drunk, I was this wild guy. I don’t fight people, that’s not what I do,” he said on July 25.

An unnamed individual allegedly approached Velly and “put his hands on [him] for no reason.” This person was a member of the Major 4 broadcast team, as revealed in group chat messages shown on Velly’s stream.

“This person was already aggressive before they came up to me and put their hands on me,” he added. “This person was a dangerous person at the time.”

Call of Duty LeagueVelly established himself as the CDL’s broadcast host throughout the Vanguard season.

Velly ascended to the Call of Duty League’s broadcasts of the back of successful stints casting in the CDL Challengers competition across 2020. He previously competed in Gears of War and, despite losing his position within the CDL, remains active talent for a number of other games including Valorant and Rainbow Six Siege.

At the time of writing it is not clear who will replace him on the desk for CoD Champs. 

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