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Team Liquid Survives Asia’s final Hope, Team Aster

Team fluid lives to fight another match within the reduced bracket associated with the Global 11.

One of WEU’s favorites Team fluid has booted down Asia’s final a cure for this year’s TI after surviving a fantastic 2-1 show against Team Aster.

With this, fluid is on a quick break, awaiting the loser within the Tundra versus Team Secret match within the top bracket.

Team Fluid vs Team Aster Recap: Game 1

After a week-long break through the tournament, both Team Fluid and Team Aster marched toward the semi-finals of this reduced bracket. Dreaming about magic, both squads tested their strats, presumably ready throughout the break.

The very first game of this awaited show started out similarly with both groups securing inside their signature picks.

Matumbaman and their squad chosen their iconic Broodmother on Zai, Lina on Micke, and Bloodseeker on Matu.

Meanwhile, Aster responded with a Leshrac on Ori and Sniper on Monet. The overall game exposed with a bloodbath as soon as the 2nd moment with Boxi establishing a shared kill with Zai. This very early lead created more self-confidence both in Zai and Boxi, fundamentally using more kills regarding the lane.

Things had been quickly equalized, but, by Aster after BoBoKa created an opening for Ori in mid, securing two free kills on Micke and Boxi.

Team Liquid

With the battles somehow going equal for both edges, the overall game extended with Monet getting farmed up. Meanwhile, Matumbaman ended up being equally farmed, changing into a nightmare for both Ori and Monet.

Going for a late game, initial match converted into a battle for Roshan to seal the overall game.

Everything rolled towards the conclusion within the 43rd moment after Boxi astonished Xxs, using three quick kills on Monet, Boboka, and Xxs.

With Aster not having sufficient buybacks, fluid took the initial victory within the show 4 moments shy from moment 45.

Team Liquid vs Team Aster Recap: Game 2

Angry through the taken game 1, Aster secured a pocket pick on Pudge and Omni which dictated the show. Meanwhile, fluid initially expected another shock after stealing Leshrac from Ori.

Unlike the initial game, game 2 showed up one-sided and only Aster with Ori’s performance on Pudge. Fans had been taken for a goody after Ori made play after play, also using some solo kills on Micke’s Storm in mid.

Team Aster

Being ahead in terms of silver and itemization, Aster took benefit of their lead by running all the way through numerous setups. Fluid, having said that, had no solution on Ori’s Pudge who was simply copied by their help Omniknight.

This time, Aster didn’t allow the game slide, fundamentally running all the way through Liquid’s base within the 36th moment. Matumbaman attempted difficult to hold Aster off along with his Morphling but to no avail. The show has become tied up 1 to 1.

Team fluid vs Team Aster Recap: Game 3

Survival exactly in danger, both groups have actually unleashed their shock drafts. Aster, this time around, guaranteed Naga Siren on BoBoka, Drow Ranger on Monet, and Primal Beast on Ori.

Meanwhile, fluid proceeded along with their convenience picks, however with a tiny shock on evening Stalker locked on Matumbaman.

The 3rd game of this show ended up being a duel regarding the final hits within the very early game. Both groups battled on creep pills on both safe lines for both groups.

Firstblood dropped under three full minutes with Siamese’s right clicks on Zai. The clash additionally handed a straightforward kill on Boxi for Monet.

The benefit ended up being quickly equalized by fluid after Ori took the incorrect road, dashing toward Micke in mid. Liquid’s quick decision-making abilities led the aids and Matumbaman TP in mid to aid their midlaner.


Liquid’s quick reaction led to three free kills for the group. These free kills catapulted Micke toward the top the foodstuff string.

Aster’s blunder started initially to simply take its toll after fluid showed up too large to fight within the mid-game. Matumbaman and Micke took numerous kills in 2 split clashes, fundamentally feeding them a lot more.

Team Fluid has even put a cherry along with their sweet lead after using a totally free Rosh, going for the self-confidence to get rid of the overall game within the 38th moment.


Matumbaman is currently two show far from their second TI win as Liquid awaits the loser between Team Secret and Tundra Esports.

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