TeeP's Warzone 2 squad irate as "corny" bug prevents nuke conclusion

Warzone 2’s nuke challenge has seen a few major insects in Season 1 and TeeP’s squad had been struck with a damaging one just regarding the cuff of pulling down a Champion’s Domination.

The Champion’s Quest nuke challenge is Warzone 2’s most challenging feat. It takes squads to be on a five-game win streak simply to get going and also to win a sixth game in an exceedingly certain method to become finished.

TeeP and co. had been regarding the verge of pulling it well whenever an enemy group overcome them to a target, as well as the last-minute disturbance had been sufficient to bug things away and derail their progress totally.

TeeP’s Warzone 2 squad fails nuke challenge because of heartbreaking bug

Former CoD pros TeeP, Apathy, and Slacked joined up with up with Symfuhny to help make a run at a nuke and they got within spitting distance of this finish line.

The squad had been on the method to gather the final of three elements whenever an enemy squad overcome them towards the last little bit of the element puzzle and picked it on their own.

The opposing team fought difficult to keep it away, but had been eventually selected down as well as the professionals kept rolling.

It wasn’t until TeeP’s product experimented with loot the element straight back they noticed one thing had been up.

“T’s not in right here, it is gone,” they announced.

Naturally, no body regarding the squad had been delighted in regards to the situation. A chorus of complaints reigned down for all of those other game even while they reported a sixth success.

“There’s no chance that T bugged away on any particular one,” Symfunhy groaned, with TeeP whining on how far they’d to chase the interfering squad.

This is one of several insects that players are hoping gets patched up because of the release of period 2 on February 15.

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