The best Steam Deck beginner guide

Once you’ve got a Steam Deck, might you utilize it to its fullest potential? Here’s our guide through the principles to your material you won’t want to give some thought to.

We’ve been since the Steam Deck pretty in-depth since we got one. There’s a great deal to share with you it is time we simply collated all of it in a single destination.

Ever since we began since the Steam Deck, things are getting a touch too in-depth. It’s time we collated all of it into one destination.

If you’re considering getting a Steam Deck, there’s one thing you ought to actually understand prior to going in: exactly what must certanly be easy is easy but has several extra actions.

From operating games maybe not through the Steam shop to including an external hard disk drive. It may all appear just a little impossible through the outset.

So don’t fret, we’ll be applying this as an increasing hub of all of the our Steam Deck guides therefore you don’t need to fend yourself.

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Linux principles

With the Steam Deck utilizing a variation of Arch Linux, and molding it into SteamOS, you’ll need to find out a couple of things about Linux in the event that you anticipate doing any such thing big.

Set a password

The Steam Deck ended up being never ever supposed to be actually useful for this degree of Linux use. As a result, the standard password you’d often have to create up whenever setting up Linux is missed over.

Follow our full guide on the best way to add a sudo password in order to begin tinkering just a little easier.


Proton could be the customized translation layer for Windows applications to operate on SteamOS. It’s just how all of these locked-away games are operating at all.

How to alter your form of Proton

We’ve got a complete guide on the best way to improve your form of Proton to see if more recent, or older compatibility levels are better together with your games. For example, variation 5 operates Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, while variation 7.0.5 does not.

Using Proton

Your old-fashioned .exe files won’t work-out regarding the package. You’ll need certainly to pop those through interpretation levels like Wine, or Proton, Valve’s very own layer. Proton is significantly better to make use of but does need you to include this system to your Steam Library.

Don’t stress if you’re utilizing your account across numerous systems. It’ll on sit with this variation.

To try this, and you’ll see this appear in lots of our tutorials, would be to go to the Desktop mode via Steam key > Power > after which Desktop mode.

From right here, open Steam and add this system via the ‘Add game’ button aided by the big plus close to it. Then once included, you are able to use compatibility to it using the settings (beside the small controller symbol) and selecting Compatability and any form of Proton.

What games work with Steam Deck?

ffxiv on steam deck

Valve’s technique of seeing just what games work and don’t work is just a little problematic. While lots of games can become aided by the Playable or Verified mark, it is maybe not really accurate. Some games, like Shenmue I & II, or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, are determined become incompatible aided by the Steam Deck. It works flawlessly, plus it appears to be more about the setup means of engaging in the overall game.

Some PC games could have their particular launcher, to help you affect the settings before leaping to the game. To Valve, this method is struck or neglect. Games like Deadly Premonition simply flat away will perhaps not work, but games like Shenmue we & II simply require you to touch the touchscreen or utilize the digital mouse through the controller you’re utilizing.

SteamOS could be operating Linux, however it is Proton which should be your guide.


If you’re unsure if a game works or otherwise not, your bible must be ProtonDB. This really is a complete database of games which are either totally broken, working, or have actually a workaround. When it comes to something such as Bulletstorm, switching from the introduction movies actually fixes the game totally.

Games that want kernel-level anti-cheat, like Call of Duty, or Destiny, won’t work. Kernel-level anti-cheats can look for particular Windows files that Proton does not emulate, and you may risk a ban wanting to evade it.

There are ways around it, however it calls for one to begin setting up Windows. You may get our ideas and a how-to on that below.

Our very own intrepid video gaming group has assembled an everyday listing of the very best games to try out in the Steam Deck at this time.

For now, right here’s a listing of popular or upcoming titles that we either know run or have actually a guide on the best way to progress in the Steam Deck:

  • Apex Legends
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Dead Space remake
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Elden Ring
  • FF7 Remake
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Forspoken
  • Genshin Impact
  • Gotham Knights
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Like a Dragon: Ishin!
  • Marvel’s Midnight Suns
  • Contemporary Warfare 2/Warzone 2
  • Overwatch 2
  • Spider-Man & Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  • Tactics Ogre Reborn
  • The Last of Us Part I
  • Uncharted
  • Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Using other shops in the Steam Deck: Epic, GOG, Amazon &

Yes, you are able to play anything which you’ve amassed during Epic and Amazon’s different giveaways. You are able to play warcraft on the road, or a thing that we’re a large fan of: old FPS games from yesteryear. Really, it is amazing just how well Clive Barker’s Undying works.

Most with this is completed through several outside apps like Heroic and Lutris. Browse the following guides below:

  • Epic and GOG
  • Blizzard games on
  • Amazon and Twitch games
  • Play Xbox Game give Steam Deck

Best add-ons for the Steam Deck

Getting accessories for the Steam Deck will probably lead you down some strange avenues. Many people really like kitting out their products but look at the bad wrists. There’s no have to connect a complete charger or SSD towards the straight back.

However, we’ve discovered some cracking add-ons currently and also the full list. Additionally, within the time taken between then now, we do suggest getting a good case.

While the Steam Deck’s bundled instance is okay, it is maybe not practical to transport around.

One bag we’ve found that fits a controller, dock, and also the Deck it self is a 14.1″ case distributed at no cost from our day at begin to see the brand new Philips Evnia lineup.

It’s a Samsonite bag that is true of an eyewatering £95, but it is truly perfect for lowkey travel aided by the Steam Deck. it is additionally got a tiny asking port for sluggish charging you should definitely utilizing the Deck, but we’d additionally suggest an array of digital camera bags too.


Keyboard, JSAUX Steam Deck Dock and Logitech Mouse laid out on a deskJSAUX/Dexerto

We weren’t a fan regarding the Steam Deck Dock for the cost. Nevertheless, getting a dock for the Steam Deck is not a requirement.

For those who wish to use their giant screen, and even utilize the Steam Deck as a complete Computer, we really suggest the JSAUX variation. Allowing you house an M.2 drive inside, along with most of the functionality that is included with a USB-C dock.

Find out in regards to the best vapor Deck Docks and options.

  • Steam Deck Dock review
  • JSAUX Steam Deck Dock review


Deckmate standDexerto

whilst it might seem like a number of synthetic, the Deckmate is priceless when working with different products aided by the Steam Deck. Its stand, sdcard owner, as well as other other add-ons that include the entire kit are unbeaten at the purchase price.

Read our review to have a complete lowdown onto it.

Get these apps and plugins: Decky, CryoUtilities & more

Want to do more aided by the Steam Deck’s computer software? We completely suggest Decky. It’s an incredible plugin, which will permit you to earn some non-intrusive modifications to your Steam Deck.

It additionally unlocks the superb SteamGridDB within video gaming mode. This plugin enables you to replace the artwork for non-Steam apps, like emulated games or those from GOG.

CryoUtilities additionally unlocks some better shows out from the Steam Deck in advantage situations and it is brilliant to observe how the Steam Deck leverages software and equipment.

If you intend to view a few of your news on the road, and now have a Plex news host, right here’s just how to install Plex to your Steam Deck.

Upgrade your Steam Deck storage space

The biggest problem surrounding the Steam Deck at this time could be the storage space. Whether you will get a 64GB deck, or a 512GB one, there’s a difficult roof open to every person right now.

1TB microSD cards will help out massively, although we really suggest tearing your Deck apart and setting up a 1TB NVMe drive. Those too frightened, or choose their unit docked, can invariably include outside storage space too.

However, for the inner and microSD card situation, there’s a difficult limit of 1TB today. Until you would like to get into strange Steam Deck cheats or cutting NVMe drives down.

Handily, Sabrent has released an easy-to-get-hold of NVMe drive for the Steam Deck.

  • Best microSD cards
  • Upgrade your storage
  • Add external storage space

Using Windows in the Steam Deck

Getting Windows onto the Steam Deck is interestingly effortless. It’s everything which comes after installing it this is the problem.

Windows works fine, however the extra work to have it dealing with the Steam Deck’s integrated controller is a pain. While Steam games will identify it as a Steam Controller, Xbox Game Pass requires some coercing. Whether you remap the buttons or make use of various computer software, the entire experience is tiresome.

Though, having the ability to play Destiny 2 on the road is handy.


You can certainly play lots of other systems in the Steam Deck. Within our evaluation, anything from the Wii U backward works beautifully. Additionally, yes, the Steam Deck is an excellent Switch replacement if you currently possess the games.

Currently, we’re experiencing some niche games which have made their option to the western. This really is in component because of the avid community of translators. We completely recommend everyone check out Choro Q Wonderful! for the PS1. It’s a racing and RPG game, where you free-roam as a full time income car. Think Lightning McQueen, but attractive.

The simplest way to begin emulating is download and install Emudeck. We now have that complete guide for you personally too.

If you select an item website link with this web page we might make a tiny affiliate commission.

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