Top most-watched games on Twitch in 2022

With 2022 now in the publications, here’s a complete glance at the last numbers for the most-watched games on Twitch over the whole twelve months. From the proceeded development of Valorant towards the continued appeal of GTA, League of Legends, and Fortnite, we’ve got a rundown in the games that dominated the entire year.

Much like in past years, a number of popular titles led the cost on Twitch in 2022. With huge amounts of hours of watch-time accumulated, juggernauts within the esports scene, basic video gaming, and activity groups alike kept fans hooked yet again.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic audience in the platform or perhaps an informal fan of competitive activities, it is nearly an assurance you tuned into a small number of Twitch channels within the 12 months across lots of groups. But which games endured the test of times and captivated the public in the last 12 months?

Here’s a complete glance at the 10 most-watched games on Twitch throughout 2022, as a result of information given by SullyGnome.

10. Realm of Warcraft

Breaking to the top ten this present year is Blizzard’s struck MMO World of Warcraft, once the classic launch had been reinvigorated with brand new content through the Dragonflight expansion, assisting the overall game soar to an impressive 343,876,361 hours viewed on Twitch.

BlizzardWith the launch of Dragonflight, WoW had certainly one of its most readily useful years yet on Twitch.

9. Call of Duty: Warzone

While Call of Duty’s battle royale nevertheless cracked the utmost effective 10 in 2022, mainly as a result of the production of Warzone 2 and its particular brand new Al Mazrah map, total view time has plummeted to not even half regarding the game’s seventh-place finish in 2021. In the last year, CoD fans watched 398,747,729 of Warzone channels on Twitch as a whole.

an operator pointing a gun and two players fighting in Warzone 2ActivisionWarzone 2 has held interest alive, but failed the CoD BR to reside as much as past highs on Twitch in 2022.

8. Dota 2

Almost matching its recorded viewership for the earlier 12 months, Dota 2 had been again a behemoth on Twitch in 2022. With 507,078,594 hours viewed, it had been the eighth-biggest game regarding the streaming platform a year ago.

weaver-dota2ValveDota 2 remains perhaps one of the most popular MOBAs on each of Twitch.

7. Minecraft

More than ten years on from the launch, Minecraft is still a total force within the streaming industry. With 521,336,157 hours watched as a whole, it had been the seventh most-watched game on Twitch across every one of 2022.

Minecraft 1.19.40 updateMojangMinecraft’s energy on Twitch didn’t decrease in 2022.

6. Fortnite

Another Battle Royale discovers its method on the list as Fortnite stayed an incredibly popular game to spectate in 2022. Though it dropped somewhat from the fourth-place spot in 2021, the overall game nevertheless saw fans tuning set for 585,300,670 hours all up in 2022.

A fortnite player completing weekly challengesEpic GamesFortnite continues to be among the list of biggest Battle Royale’s on Twitch.

5. Apex Legends

At the halfway point we have Apex Legends as Respawn’s individual Battle Royale climbed to brand new levels in 2022, cementing it self as the utmost popular in its genre on Twitch. With 631,929,500 hours viewed, it had been a cut above its competitors in the last year.

Horizon Apex Legends ImperialHalRespawn EntertainmentApex Legends jumped through the ninth-most-watched on Twitch in 2021 towards the fifth-most-watched in 2022.

4. Counter-Strike: international Offensive

2022 had been just one more 12 months of enormous appeal for CSGO. The classic shooter had been again a winner on Twitch in the last 12 months, creating 673,892,116 hours of watch-time once the 4th best game in the streaming platform.

es3tag in Ninjas in Pyjamas jersey in front of computer with his name onBLASTCSGO remains a force become reckoned with on Twitch because of the appeal of its competitive scene.

3. Valorant

Riot’s tactical shooter has once more edged out of the FPS competition once the 3rd most-watched game on Twitch in 2022. With 1,106,987,262 hours watched as a whole, it had been certainly one of only three games to crack the one-billion mark into the previous year.

Valorant Harbor gameplayRiot GamesValorant served as the most-watched shooter on Twitch in 2022.

2. Grand Theft car V

With the role-playing trend nevertheless as popular ever, GTA 5 proceeded to dominate Twitch throughout 2022, keeping its spot once the second most-watched game regarding the streaming platform for the next 12 months operating. All up, fans caught 1,336,292,674 hours of GTA 5 content on Twitch in the last year.

GTA online character running with red gun followed by helicopterRockstar GamesEven with GTA 6 details nevertheless quite few, the show continues to be since popular as ever on Twitch.

1. League of Legends

Rounding out of the list with an astounding 12 months is the one and only Riot’s iconic MOBA League of Legends. With 1,499,478,263 hours viewed on Twitch in 2022, it served once the single most-seen name in the platform throughout every season, climbing from the third-place finish in 2021 to simply take the top.

LCS Formal | TwitterLeague of Legends couldn’t be stopped in 2022 as Riot’s MOBA had been probably the most solitary most-watched game on every one of Twitch.

So that does it for the most-watched titles on Twitch in 2022. Any astonishing names in the list? Any games you had been expecting that didn’t make the cut? Make sure to join the discussion on Twitter @DexertoGaming.

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