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Tundra Wins TI11 Convincingly Against Team Secret

Tundra Esports claims the final spot during the Aegis’ after winning the Grand Final for the Overseas 11.

Although it absolutely was their very first TI, Tundra showcased their power by beating Team Secret during the Grand Final. All their players are playing “out of their mind” as described by town such as for instance Gorgc.

On one other hand, Team Secret attempted difficult and eventually settled for the next destination after getting through the past potential Qualifier.

Tundra began strong in the 1st game making use of their pinpoint draft and execution. Team Secret attempted to innovate with Pudge, but Tundra reacted making use of their very own Naga Siren choose. Although Nisha attempted to wait along with his famous Leshrac, it ultimately falls to Tundra’s playstyle too.

With defeat nearing and Tundra dominating the map, Team Secret called “GG” ahead of the 40 moments associated with game.

Team Key attempted to obtain the 2nd game inside their benefit by choosing Morphling for Nisha. Nevertheless, Tundra had the clear answer with regards to their choose through getting Arc Warden for Nine. Ultimately, the Arc Warden outfarmed the Morphling by an enormous margin due to increase Hand of Midas.

After a disastrous teamfight, Team Secret had to surrender the next game within the 40th moment.

With beat coming soon, Team Secret attempted to separate Skiter by banning their heroes and using Naga Siren on their own. Nevertheless, Tundra “skirted” across the problem by choosing Medusa to counter Naga Siren.

Although Team Secret dominated early game, they straight away felt the stress once Medusa came online. After a long-hard siege, Tundra finally won the overall game as well as the Global 11 too within the procedure.

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