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V1lat Claims EHOME-Knights DPC Asia Match had been ‘Fixed’

V1lat failed to mince their terms in regards to the so-called matchfixing in DPC Asia, citing the Ehome versus Knights match as latest example.

After countless dubious match and allegation of cheating, influential individual from Dota esports finally talked down about DPC Asia. V1lat, the veteran caster from EEU area, stated that the match between Ehome and Knights wasn’t ‘legal’.

V1lat further made claim that the match it self had been fixed. The evidence had been aided by the abnormal motion on wagering websites.

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Unnormal amount of cash had been positioned on EHOME success on Map 2, and why is me personally actually unfortunate – on odd/even quantity of kills at Map 2

Knights vs EHOME match was fixed

— Vitalii Volochai #StandWithUkraine (@v1lat) February 2, 2023

The famous Russian caster stated that there have been irregular motions of cash into the match. Wagers had been placed on EHOME’s success on Map 2, such as the odd/even quantity of kills.

He exclaimed that the match it self had been fixed as a result of these dubious match behavior.

This isn’t the initial game in Season 1 of Chinese DPC with strange wagers of First Blood / First Tower / ODD amount of kills.
Dawn Video gaming are one of the more corrupt groups into the world

— Vitalii Volochai #StandWithUkraine (@v1lat) February 2, 2023

Sadly, V1lat further confirmed that this is maybe not the initial game in Season 1 of DPC China with matchfixing. He elaborated that there have been games with strange bets too on First Blood, First Tower, and Odd range kills. From the time the beginning of the growing season, there have been many instances of this ‘cheats’ taking place.

The responses to V1lat revelation had been straight away concerning through the community’s end.

Knights was additionally in the center of debate as there have been suspicions of those cheating. These were mentioned become utilizing advanced Maphacks as they had been playing DPC China.

However, Valve hadn’t taken any action yet, showcasing advantageous asset of question from their website together with organizers.

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