Valorant gamers plead with Riot to indicate Bucky shotgun some love: "Make the Bucky nice once more"

Valorant gamers are pleading with Riot to indicate the Bucky some love and buff the gun, as it’s at the moment sitting on the backside of weapon utilization within the recreation. 

Shotguns, because it at the moment stands within the meta of Valorant, is in an fascinating place. In VCT, which is as aggressive as the sport will get, the shorty is regularly purchased as a secondary to a Vandal or Phantom. We will thank DRX for pioneering it. 

And the Choose, though not as frequent as its smaller shotgun cousin, sees some play time as a high-risk high-reward gun to purchase in eco or bonus rounds. 

Nevertheless, a gun many might have been reminded exists, is the Bucky, which barely will get any play time, both in VCT matches or common public lobbies. 

The Bucky is the gun with the bottom utilization fee. Based on Valorbuff, it’s on the lowest for ranked video games, and in keeping with, additionally it is on the lowest in aggressive play. 

And in a Reddit thread asking Valorant gamers what gun they’d prefer to see, a regularly requested gun was the Bucky, with many stating the obvious issues with the gun. 

For one, its secondary fireplace, meant for lengthy vary targets, is near ineffective since its huge nerf in 2021. And even for its value, for just a bit bit extra you will get a Stinger which is way more efficient. 

The Bucky was as soon as meta in Valorant again in 2020. Its secondary fireplace had wonderful vary with little bullet unfold, and its major primarily secured a kill shut vary irrespective of the state of affairs.

“Make [the] Bucky nice once more” a commenter wrote. Harkening to early days of Valorant when the gun reign supreme. 

Spike.GGIn VCT LOCK//IN, the Choose was the prefered shotgun slightly than the Bucky

However the Bucky was not the one weapon for requires a buff. The Ares additionally equally sits at a dismal choose fee with the Bucky, all the way in which on the backside, and for comparable causes.

The Ares additionally was as soon as within the meta, nonetheless after a number of nerfs it made it a non-viable choose. At its value, you’re higher off shopping for a Spectre, Stinger, Marshall or Choose, and as mild machine weapons go, it is best to all the time get the Odin. 

As a commentor surmised each weapons, “Ares is a nonexistent gun just about. Bucky [secondary fire] is ineffective. In any other case weapons are in a good condition, I assume.”

Regardless of two weapons being completely forgotten within the meta, most different weapons see a wholesome quantity of utilization at both the highest ranges of play, and even the general public lobbies. And sadly with each meta which comes, one thing else needs to be forgotten. 

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