Valorant star SkRossi open to move abroad: "If there's a good opportunity I'll give it a thought"

Global Esports’ Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar is excited about the growth of esports in India but believes that the veterans of the scene need to step up. Here’s what the Indian Valorant superstar had to say about the region’s growth as well as the future of his own journey.

Since the release of Valorant, SkRossi has been one of the top talents in his home country of India. Having secured multiple regional titles, including the South Asian Valorant Conquerors Championship, Global Esports’ star duelist is now gunning for bigger targets for both his organization and his region.

After beginning his esports journey with a lesser-known FPS title called Point Blank, SkRossi transitioned to CS:GO before eventually taking his trade to Riot Games’ tactical shooter. With his team having missed out on a spot in the APAC last-chance qualifier for Valorant Champions, he is waiting for the next VCT season to begin.

SkyesportsSkRossi has secured multiple regional title in Valorant esports as his quest for international glory continues.

SkRossi’s journey through the Indian esports ecosystem

Chatting to Dexerto about his journey in the esports ecosystem of India and how far the region has come from its initial days, SkRossi admitted, “I’m pretty sure it has grown ten times in terms of viewership, organisations, number of brands involved, and tournaments.” He went on to add that this growth has been possible “thanks to everyone’s support, and the people [involved in the community] trying to create a better ecosystem.”

He is extremely optimistic about the future of esports in India, revealing that “it won’t be a surprise” if a game like BGMI [BattleGrounds Mobile India] eventually becomes as popular as cricket, adding that the ever-growing number of players in the country is bound to attract more brands and sponsors.

“Esports will only keep growing in our country, whether it’s PC or mobile,” he said. “I hope people will choose esports as a career option without any doubts or hesitation.”

SkRossi reveals drawbacks for Indian Valorant on the international stage

When asked about the drawbacks preventing Indian teams from securing wins in APAC Challengers, SkRossi said that the region needs more “young and talented athletes with the right guidance.”

“We need to give a chance to the young bloods and support them for a better future,” SkRossi said. “Experienced players should help them grow.”

With countless rumors of SkRossi’s future in Valorant esports making the rounds on the Internet, we asked him about his plans and the goals that he has set for himself.

SkRossi praised his current organization, admitting that he feels “grateful” to be in the presence of like-minded people who share “a passion for gaming.” And while he would “love” to achieve his goals with Global Esports and help the organization reach the next level, he did not close the door on a move to a foreign team to realize his potential.

“If there is a good opportunity, I will give it a thought because I don’t want to keep competing only in India,” he said.

Image of the global esports valorant lineup at a LAN tournamentSkyesportsSkRossi proved his Valorant skills on LAN in the VCT Stage 2 APAC South Asia Challengers

For that to happen, he knows that there’s a lot of work to be done. Unhappy with his recent performances, he said that his main focus is on “getting back into shape again, better than before.”

At 24 years old, SkRossi is not exactly a veteran, but he doesn’t shy away from the responsibility that comes with being one of the faces of Indian esports. He wants to serve as a role model for the next generation of Indian talent.

“I want to help out young talented players in our country and work towards the betterment of esports in our country,” he said.

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