Valve registers brand new trademarks for CSGO as supply 2 rumors carry on

As buzz for a CS:GO 2 or supply 2 beta for Counter-Strike continues to construct, brand new trademarks registered by Valve have actually sparked conjecture by what the overall game is likely to be called.

Expectations are that a Source 2 beta for CS:GO is likely to be released this thirty days, March 2023. It was first reported by Richard Lewis and then solidified by plenty of CS:GO updates within the history on Steam.

Players have now been regarding the side of their seats for your thirty days, but there is however nevertheless no supply 2 CS:GO beta to down load yet. Nevertheless, the newest ‘leak’ getting the rumor mill going are formal trademark applications produced by Valve.

On March 17, the overall game publisher registered two brand new markings: “CS2” and “Counter-Strike”. Instantly, players assumed this is useful for the latest Supply 2 launch of CS:GO.

CS2 and Counter-Strike trademarks

The brand new trademarks had been highlighted by Twitter individual Aquarius, that has been monitoring all of the little updates and developments concerning the Supply 2 change for CS.

NEW COUNTER-STRIKE TRADEMARKS ???? pic.twitter.com/R6iPHm7vxz

— Aquarius (@aquaismissing) March 17, 2023

Filed by the Valve Corporation on March 17, the trademarks connect with “the types of activity solutions, particularly, supplying on line video games.”

It’s additionally confirmed why these trademarks, unsurprisingly, are linked to the CS:GO trademark, which will be detailed as a “related home” regarding the application.

Will CS:GO be renamed Counter-Strike?

These brand new trademarks could suggest lots of feasible modifications for the CS:GO brand name.

counter strike trademarkUSPTO

you might assume that CS2 stands for ‘Counter-Strike 2’, others have actually recommended it may be ‘Counter-Strike Source 2’, or ‘CS:GO Source 2’.

As for the simple ‘Counter-Strike’ trademark, this might be for an overall total rebrand of CS:GO, where Valve falls the ‘Global Offensive’ part through the name.

One choice is likely to be that through the duration of the beta, the origin 2 variation is likely to be referred to as CS2, before the Supply 2 variation is merged with CS:GO appropriate, of which time the overall game could possibly be rebranded as simply ‘Counter-Strike’.

For now, this is certainly all solely conjecture, however these brand new trademarks are associated with the very first tangible proof from Valve it self that modifications are arriving at this popular shooter.

For more updates on the origin 2 form of CS:GO, utilize our hub right here.

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