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Vitality jungler Bo is destroying EU West solo queue

Vitality acquired LPL jungler Bo 8 weeks ago, in which he currently appears like certainly one of Europe’s most readily useful players by simply their solamente queue performance.

Bo ended up being a hot commodity into the LPL, in which he ended up being acquired by FunPlus Phoenix back 2021 as their starting jungler. Nevertheless, after match repairing allegations in February of this 12 months and a complete research, Bo ended up being suspended until July 1 of this 12 months.

Almost a complete 12 months later on, Vitality acquired Bo whenever as well they acquired Haru as their starting jungler. While he’sn’t had the chance to use phase yet, Bo’s solo queue background makes him down become certainly one of Europe’s most readily useful players thus far.

THE KING IS BACKBo is streaming now in the @Vitality_TV pic.twitter.com/o3NsAk1Uig

— Team Vitality (@TeamVitality) August 1, 2022

Bo shows a broad champ pool

In the 2 months since Bo got acquired by Vitality, he’s played just below 300 games of rated with an astonishingly high win price of 66%.

On top of this, Bo’s champ pool is extremely diverse. Bo has played 6 Pantheon games since Pantheon’s jungle clear buffs, and he’s just dropped one game thus far.

But Bo’s solamente queue winnings price on Graves is an astounding 73% across 41 games, meaning he wins very nearly 3 away from 4 matches with Graves an average of.

Bo grinds solo queue the conventional method

As if all which wasn’t impressive enough, Bo does not get access to a Riot super account because of the fact which he does not have his work visa yet.

Most imported pros get super records with a boosted ranking. Bo has been able to be a solo queue menace despite needing to fork out a lot more hours grinding than many other advantages.

To hit (during the time of writing) rank 3 with an ordinary LoL account in under 2 months is not any little feat.

Bo’s solamente queue stats take the verge of record-breaking with regards to win price in high MMR. Don’t be amazed to see him at ranking 1 quickly.

Vitality has turned around their losing record and appear like an actual force become reckoned with into the LEC, also without Bo beginning for the group. It’s confusing whom Vitality will begin when Bo gets authorized for professional play, but one thing’s for many: Vitality is sitting using one the very best junglers in Europe.

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