Where is Madam Nazar today in Red Dead on line (2022)?

Madam Nazar has a practice of getting around the map in Red Dead on line, therefore right here’s wherever there is Madam Nazar today on November 20, 2022, in RDR2 on line.

Red Dead on line may be the multiplayer counterpart to Red Dead Redemption 2, and just like the single-player experience, the game features a number of NPCs whom enrich the world’s lore and inhabit the crazy West-themed map. Madam Nazar is certainly one of the NPCs, supplying necessary information and things on sale from her shop.

As Madam Nazar is a lot of money teller and a fundamental element of Red Dead Online’s tale, this implies you’ll need certainly to connect to her to advance in a variety of day-to-day quests. Truly the only caveat is she’s a habit of getting around the map every day, therefore right here’s to purchase Madam Nazar today.

Rockstar GamesMadam Nazar’s caravan moves across the map in Red Dead on line.

in which is Madam Nazar today? (November 20)

You are wandering across the map reasoning, “where is Madam Nazar?” fortunately, we all know precisely where she’s hiding.

Today, Madam Nazar is situated simply north of Manteca Falls, southeast of Stillwater Creek. She’s just off one regarding the winding roads that connects Hennigan’s Stead to Thieves Landing. 

You is able to see Madam Nazar’s location regarding the map below, courtesy of JeanRopke:

Madam Nazar in RDR2Jean Ropke / RockstarMadam Nazar’s November 20 hideout.

Check straight back with us the next day to see where Madam Nazar is in RDR2 on line through the sleep of 2022.

So there you have got it, where Madam Nazar is hiding today. For lots more day-to-day answers, check down some of our guides below:

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