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xNova, Natsumi, Reason For BOOM Esports’ Downfall?

BOOM Esports downfall after acquiring celebrity players such as for instance Natsumi and xNova. Is this the conclusion associated with ‘star players’ trend?

Many initially expected BOOM to swiftly take over DPC 2022 water Tour 1 when they acquired notable names. Players such as for instance xNova, a TI finalist, and increasing celebrity Natsumi are inside the roster of BOOM.

However, in the place of succeeding, BOOM found on their own relegated to Division II after just getting two victories away from seven games.

Their not enough chemistry ended up being obvious in essential moments associated with game such as for instance against Talon. Uncoordinated ability use resulted in many group battle losings, causing group wipes or unfavorable exchanges against their opponents.

Crucially, this additionally resulted in them getting a 0-2 defeat against brand new groups such as for instance Execration.

Many blamed their underperformance in the reality there have been no ‘shot-callers’ inside the group. This new help duo, Xepher and xNova, had not been understood due to their shot-calling ability during games. They certainly were in reality high-performing help with a high technical abilities but lacking leadership.

The lack of Skem and TIMS weighed greatly while the group destroyed their shot-callers during group battles.

With the relegation, fans had been focused on the continuing future of the roster it self. Numerous did not question that BOOM is in a position to claw back to Division we. But, issue continues to be whether their celebrity players would invest in the comeback or otherwise not.

All in most, it absolutely was a failed effort by BOOM to own a ‘star roster’ which led them to a disastrous period.

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