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YapzOr Picks Wings Gaming as their Favorite TI Championship Team

Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat has revealed their favorite group to own won a The Overseas trophy, and their description really makes a whole lot feeling.

After using a rest from competitive play as a result of medical issues, YapzOr is gradually going back back into kind and has now been streaming Dota 2 recently on Twitch. In another of their channels, he had been expected who’s their favorite group to own won Dota 2’s many prestigious name.

Without doubt, he responded that their favorite is TI6 winner Wings Gaming.

“Wings goddamn Dota, for certain,” he stated. “I think that group would make also a fucking AI confused with their hero pool and strategies” 

Back then, Wings Gaming ended up being a rising Chinese group respected for the inventive strategies and number of hero choices.

Although some fans saw them as unpredictable and notably inconsistent in certain tournaments, their performance during the Global 6 in 2016 showcased their superiority once they defeated Digital Chaos within the grand finals.

Unfortunately, the team’s success ended up being short-lived as a result of a few interior disputes, resulting in their disbandment in 2017.

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